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sandals,do these, chang xi decisive needle, the blood on the hole stopped, this come to an end. bing xin dan and concoction mixed with the paste, the blood rushed into the meridians, even turned into a piece of cool film, three yin wu"s concoction contains the effect too overbearing, just with bing xin dan and look, those films as long as the eyes are generally covered in the meridians of the inner wall, or the bark of the flames rushed to the bone. suddenly the original burning and slightly sticky fire poison are covered by those films, although not extinguished, but it does not burn the weak internal organs and body.briefcase,see her this mo yang, wave tianxiang exclamation, his face flushing grateful chang xi: geniuses doctor ah. chang xi know their ideas are correct,new balance???, and quickly laughed: cure is to save my part, less than hanging teeth. she finished the front of the bangs to cover the ear, small face flushed very cute. bo chen and bo tsung-jen is also pleasantly surprised: the grace, we wave home to remember, dare to ask you this method can not remove the cream of the body of fire poison? chang xi said: can only suppress, can not be removed.burberry briefcase,two predecessors, her body of poison should have hearts and minds, my approach in the end is a temporary solution, you still go back quickly, the sooner the better! chang xi took a deep breath, though now late autumn, but the temples of the nose was actually a hint of sweat. open the eyes of the wave conden e cream finally understand how it is, struggling to sit up straight back to the respectful said: chang xi sister"s life-saving grace, cream no report that cream! where to chang xi handed a white handkerchief at this time, motioned her to rest for a while, medical treatment is not easy to save labor.


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