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shoulder bags,and lin yang do not know. swallowed up the emperor when the lotus years. the flame of his body has also been sublimated! this is a qualitative shift. in such circumstances, poisonous heart, especially his opponent, but because the release of poisonous heart is the four-day division wind jin. plus mu junlou element of property,?~???996, this increased the difficulty of forcing drug. but now it is not a problem! lin yang wins while chasing. on both sides of the same time to recover. will soon be black poisonous heart energy folder together.chanel shoulder bags,smoky black smoke constantly rising up. vaguely can also hear the sound of the screams of a trace! time goes by. fire element force constantly poisoning heart energy to swallow. just that clamor of mighty force, in this pure yang under the power. even the residue has not left! if not because of the energy of leaf cang guarding it. even mu junluo within the body of the original force of the water may have been swallowed by the fire element force it. those poisonous heart of the energy is burned swallowed, and lin yang"s own power will naturally increase!coach shoulder bags,he obviously can feel that the limitations of the eight-order s les have emerged a little loose. perhaps soon after he can break through! lin yang said: master, you can help pull back the skill! poison heart has been i destroyed! he used a forced sound into a line. ye cang slowly that the wind force to withdraw back to tianyuan! and then a long sigh of relief lin yang has been good? yes, the energy has been burned me! look at the appearance of his body black smoke sweat, that is poisonous heart is burned with sweat after mixing so it will!


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