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عبارت vvdi mb eis ok در بین اطلاعات جستجو شده و نتایج با ذکر منبع نمایش داده شده است. با توجه به جمع آوری خودکار اطلاعات از سطح وب و نمایش آن با ذکر منبع لطفا در صورت مشاهده هرگونه تخلف و یا اخبار و مطالب غیر مجاز و یا اعتراض به انتشار مطالب بر روی لینک ‘درخواست حذف’ کلیک نمائید.

as titled, possible to renew original keys for reuse with vvdi mb bga tool key programmer? and how?solution:if it is nec key, yes if bga key, will not.lot of tools do it renew vvdi mb bga,ak500, cgdi mb…how many types of mercedes nec key?v51 v57v28 v35 v40 v51 v57v03 v06 v07 v08 v09 v61v28 v35 v40 v51 v57v03 v05 v06 v07 v08 v09 v59 v61here’s the guide on renewing nec 57 key with vvdi mb tool.put the nec57 key chip on vvdi nec key adapter put nec key adapter on vvdi mbconnect vvdi mb tool with laptop and open latest vvdi mb software.now you can start to virgin mercedes nec57!select mode “nec adapter” then choose type “v51, v57”.“identification key”vvdi mb will read nec v57 key info successfully!key number is 1.“renew” to virgin nec v57 key.wait a while key erasing comple
good news!!! xhorse universal remote key/smart key completed package box is available in vvdishop.comtotal: 39 remote keysenglish versionfor vvdi2 key programmer or vvdi key tool remote makerfor sale price: $219 (not incl. shipping cost)including:xhorse vvdi honda type universal wired remote 5 ons pn xkho04enxhorse vvdi ferrari type universal wired remote 3 ons pn xkfe00enxhorse vvdi audi type universal remote flip key 4 ons wireless pn xnau02enxhorse vvdi key tool vvdi2 toyota type wire remote key 5 on xkto08enxhorse vvdi key tool vvdi2 wire remote key 3 on xkb506enxhorse vvdi key tool vvdi2 wire remote key 3 on xkhy02enxhorse vvdi key tool vvdi2 wire flip remote key 3+1 on xkbu02en buick typexhorse vvdi key tool vvdi2 wire flip remote key 3 ons xkbu03en buick typexhorse vvdi key tool vvd
renault logan id46 hitag2 clé solution de données sniff sur xhorse vvdi key tool machine outil de copie de clé.xhorse vvdi key tool distance remote maker langue anglai horse vvdi key key auto key programmer prend en charge la plupart des types de télécommande courants sur le marché; c'est fiable et facile à utiliser. outil clé vvdi peut effectuer ces fonctions: modifier transpondeur, transpondeur clone, fréquence de test, clone à distance, générer à distance, générer la télécommande de porte de garage, déverrouiller carte à puce, etc. en bref , xhorse vvdi key outil clé générateur à distance est un dispositif multi les fonctions.insérer la clé d'origine dans la bobine gauchesélectionnez transponder clone-> id46 hitag2-> utiliser la télécommande sans fil pour les
q:what is the latest version of the vvdi key tool software? i tried to update keytool with v2.3.9 mega link on other webpage, but it failed me and showed software error. can you please send the newest software?a:don’t use the v2.3.9 mega link to update your xhorse vvdi key tool.always use the xhorse upgrade kit to update your key toolfree xhorse update kitlatest software refer to the update kit. newest now is v2.2.2 (till mar, 2018)vvdi key tool v2.2.2 (2018-02-03)1.repair and improve 96 bit 48 data acquisition2.repair and improve id48 read and writehow to update vvdi key tool to 2.2.2? xhorse update kit aboveuse the usb cable to connect the keytool to computercheck devices cnnection status and check driver version the latest software and data filesstart updating software and dataupdate
به تازگی، obd2 مشتریان بازخورد خطا vvdi mb روش برای حل این مشکل "نمی تواند پیدا پاک رمز عبور"، بنابراین در اینجا uobd2 سهم موتور. س: من می خواهم به استفاده از ابزار vvdi mb به تجدید eis a204 545 13 08 زیرا esl آسیب دیده است، من قفل esl حال حاضر من نیاز به تجدید برای می تواند شخصی. من نمی توانم پیدا پاک رمز عبور برای تجدید این یکی. a: شما لازم نیست که به تجدید eis فقط محاسبه رمز عبور از eis را پس از آن نجات داده eis با کلید pw! بعد از تو باز esl تراشه nec فقط بار vvdi mb eis داده و این دا
vvdi پرسه تایید شده است برای کار با psa ecu me 7.4.5.در اینجا پین پین اوت است:سیتروئن، پژو ecu با st10f275همکاری با vvdi prog 4.7.6 ، v2 کابل، v3 بدون مشکللازم نیست برای تغییر v2 v3 بهفقط باز و دوباره کاری تمام اتصالات لحیم کاری زمانی که دریافت هر ابزاراستفاده از سیم قلع 63/37، v2، v3 دوبارهhttp://blog.obdexpress.co.uk/2018/11/23/vvdi-prog-psa-me-7-4-5-pinout-st10f275/
question before entering:we know these tools (diagspeed, avdi and vvdi mb) can do 204 lost key but which one is better / more reliable? and support? locksmith experiences and suggestions:1. vvdi mb tool can do w204 all key lost yet too..i think via latest video is real reading right p , no any change eis dumpcheck post:vvdi mb bga w204 all keys lost and token feedback 2. avdi just needs to connect to kline on eis ezs & easiest way to do is get extra wire from klineat esl connector to pin 7 obd,no adapter necessary 3. diagspeed mb key obd2 and avdi are on the top now for mb key , but some gaps :avdi cannot read p from be key also cannot repair elv fatal ,but his the best for gearbox and ecu renew ,programming and coding , and you can do all keys lost on w204 without need to have the ezs on
good news to all vvdi mb bga tool users!!!if you buy 1pc xhorse be key pro, you’ll get free 200 points which can be exchanged to 1 free token. 1 vvdi be key pro= 200 points= 1 free token for online p word calculationhow to check vvdi points?register/login into xhorse customer self-service system with your email and vvdi serial numbercheck points and you can transfer points among vvdi devices, vvdi2, vvdi key tool, vvdi mb etc by yourself.then transfer 200 points to 1 free token.http://blog.vvdishop.com/1-vvdi-mb-be-key-pro-200-points-1-free-token/
dear xhorse usersfrom western christmas to traditional chinese new year. xhorse new year carnival is coming.the latest version vvdi mb tool already improved online calculation(calculation time less than 20 seconds,one time success rate 99%)from 25th,december 2017 to 25th,february 2018,during this period all vvdi mb tool users can enjoy online calculation for free,token free for all users.valid: dec. 25th, 2017 to feb. 25th, 2018http://blog.vvdishop.com/xhorse-vvdi-mb-free-tokens-for-2-month/
how to use vvdi mb tool key programmer to renew mercedes w211 ecu cr3.xx?connect ecu with vvdi mb bag tool and cr3.xx adapteropen vvdi mb softwareselect renew ecu/gearboxread ecu informationpress get on to calculate erase p word onlinesave the eeprom dataclick on renew onerase target unit successread ecu information againvvdi mb bga tool renew w211 ecu success.http://www.vvdishop.com/ http://blog.vvdishop.com/vvdi-mb-tool-renew-mercedes-w211-ecu-cr3-xx/
just renew the renault fluence 3 on 433mhz remote key using xhorse vvdi key tool remote generator.connect vvdi key tool with remote key main board following the wiring diagramselect remote renew-> renault->fluence 3btn 433mhzwriting remote datarenew successhttp://blog.vvdishop.com/vvdi-key-tool-renew-renault-fluence-433mhz-remote/
read eeprom + flash very easy by can line am29f400.here’s the pinout delphi-mt60/mt80 with tricore shared by xhorse vvdi prog programmer user carcity from dk forum.delphi mt60/mt80with tricore icconnection by vvdi-prog ecu cable :(note: unsolder pin 122 from pcb )www.vvdishop.comhttp://blog.vvdishop.com/use-vvdi-prog-to-read-delphi-mt60-mt80-with-tricore/
how to: generate smart key on a hyundai i30 2014 using vvdi key tool remote maker and xhorse universal proximity key.dis emble the universal smart key, install battery and then install the smart keyin vvdi key tool remote maker, select remote/smart program->smart key prox->kia->k2insert the xhorse universal smart key into the induction coil of vvdi keytool.detects key frequency : 433mhzpress generatewriting data until successtest thew remote control and start car.new smart key works no issue.www.vvdishop.comhttp://www.vvdishop.com/service/vvdi-key-tool-program-smart-key-on-hyundai-i30-7067.html
here’s the little guide on copying of id60-6f 80bit (kia / hyundai) chips with xhorse vvdi key toolremote generator. this particular vehicle is a hyundai solaris in 2016.turn on vvdi key toolinsert the original key into the left coilselect transponder clone from main menuclick read onvvdi key tool read transponder chip typeconnect key tool with pc with a usb cableclick calculate onfollow vvdi key tool software prompt to complete following steps:please put the original car key into the left coil, start to read the transponder.click read transponderif step 1 completed, please keep network available, press “calculate” to submit calculating dataplease out vvdi special 4d transponder into the left coil of vvdi key tool, press “write” to complete cloning.cloning 4d transponder success.
here’s the guide generate a new remote using the xhorse universal wireless remotes.turn on vvdi key toolselect remote program from the main menusearch for the region, make, model and part number of the remote you want to generatei.e: european->peugeot->5008insert the wireless remote into the antenna with the battery inside and the press okreading datagenerate remote success.www.vvdishop.comhttp://blog.vvdishop.com/generate-a-new-remote-using-xhorse-wireless-remotes/
some xhorse users reported they cannot receive email validation code when register app follow previous registration guide.here’s the new instruction to register vvdi key tool after server upgrade in oct. 2018(or when you need to exchange token)xhorse put offline the registry with email, now you need to make your registry with your phone number:step 1: connect vvdi keytool to pc and run the upgrade kit, select bindingstep 2: website will open and you need to change to english and than click in registerstep 3:new window will open and you need to fullfil what website is asking and you will see system will ask about your phone number and zone you live, and that’s it!the verification code can have a little delay to send, but he come.hope it helps.www.vvdishop.comhttp://www.vvdishop.com/serv
how to: program key for benz sprinter w906 using xhorse vvdi prog and vvdi mb tool key programmer.step 1: read ezs data with vvdi progopen vvdi-prog softwareselect 4-immobilizer->benz->eis w906 (st12)check connection wiringfollow benz eiz w906 st12 0l01y wiring diagram to connect eis with vvdi progread eis datasave datastep 2: program key with vvdi mbopen vvdi mb softwareselect prepare key file->load eis fileupload eis data read by vvdiprogdisplay key information, select key version v51, then press prepare key filesave new key datago to read and write key->identification keypress load key file to upload new key datapress write on to write keyprogram sprinter key successdone.www.vvdishop.comhttp://blog.vvdishop.com/vvdi-prog-and-vvdi-mb-program-key-benz-sprinter-w906/
رویای ما درست می آید! ! مرسدس بنز w210 دست داده همه کلید راه حل، که جدیدترین نسخه است vvdi mb v4.1.0 به علاوه یک آداپتور برق . در این ارسال می رود برای جزئیات و دستورالعمل ها. vvdi2 برنامه نویس آغاز میکنیم با vvdi mb v4.1.0 جدیدترین به روز رسانی: 2018/07/13 *** نیاز v4.0.0 سیستم عامل ************************ ************************************************ == === v4.1.0 بنز ===== 1.this به روز رسانی نیازی روز رسانی سیستم عامل 2.p word محاسبه: پشتیبانی محاسبه رمز عبور برای w202 / w208 / (کلاین) eis w210 a.no بیشتر نیاز mcu ها د / لحیم ک
problem:when trying to update my vvdi key tool na version software to 2.0.9, it failed me at the last step and showed me errorerror code (400) upgrade failederror code (22) read internal errorvvdishop engineer suggestion:1. change another laptop running windows xp operating system2.if still not working, try to send the update log to engineeropen settingsadd “log=1”then try update software againthen send the “log” file to our engineer.we’ll fix the problem via email or skype.http://blog.vvdishop.com/xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-update-failed-error-solution/
original 4d 4c car key copy chips for xhorse vvdi key tool remote maker are available in vvdishop.com.package includes:10pcs x vvdi key tool 4d 4c chipsfor sale price: us$34.99 free shippingwww.vvdishop.com
xhorse vvdi prog programmer software released to v4.7.3 on august 1st, 2018.no firmware upgrade requiredrelease date 1st aug 2018 online via upgrade kit appvvdiprog 4.7.3:1- few bug fix’s2-added vvdi prog user munual 4.7.3 version in doc folder3-added in options undereeprom&flashcat1021,cat1022,cat1023,cat1024,cat10254-added options undereeprom&flash + clipcat1021(clip),cat1022(clip),cat1023(clip),cat1024(clip),cat1025(clip)5-added in options under eeprom&flashm25p10,m25p16,m25p20,m25p32,m25p40,m25p64,m25p128,m25p806-added in options undermcu selection blockmc9s12zvh64,mc9s12zvh128,mc9s12zvhl32,mc9s12zvhl64,mc9s12zvl8,mc9s12zvl16,mc9s12zvl32,mc9s12zvl64,mc9s12zvl96,mc9s12zvl128,mc9s12zvla64,mc9s12zvla96,mc9s12zvl128,mc9s12zvls16,mc9s12zvls32,mc9s12zvm16,mc9s12zvm32,mc9s12zvma16,mc9s12zvm
here’s the instruction on updating xhorse vvdi key tool remote generator to multi-language version by update kit.first check the current vvdi key tool versionturn on deviceclick update functioncheck current vvdi remote maker versionsw: v2.0.6 and unzip xhorse update kitcopy and paste upgrade kit on desktop, then open itselect device: vvdi key tool and update version: 2.0.8press upgrade on to start updatingconnect vvdi key tool to computer via usb cable . don’t turn ff the software or unplug the usb cable during the upgrade.check device connection status and check driver version the latest software and data filesstart updating software and dataupgrade completedclick on language settingvvdi key tool supports multi-language including english, turkish, french, spanish at present.http://www
good news!!! xhorse vvdi key tool remote generator latest english version software v2.3.8 released on 16th july, 2017. the new upgrade adds toyota g chip, chrysler 4d, ford id83 etc clone.vvdi key tool v2.3.8 update feature [2017-07-16] * * * * * * * * * * * * * *firmware version: v2.0.2attention: this update only for north american or india english version(na,na-en,in,in-en). other languages will be released on next week, please get device info to check language version.this version must be updated with v2.3.8 and above. the upgrade may take about 30 minutes1.transponder clone+add chrysler 4d-64(4e) clone+add toyota-g offline clone+add hyundai id-70 online clone(use calculate option in upgrade software)+add ford id-83 online clone(use calculate option in upgrade software)+add id-4a identi
success! programming and elaboration of lost key of ram 700 2016, micro mc9s12dg256 with tango key programmerand xhorse vvdiprog.this post source from car obd2 tools global one-stop shopping supplier ---obdexress.co.uk official technical blog :http://blog.obdexpress.co.uk/2017/07/29/tango-vvdi-prog-for-ram-700-2016-all-key-lost/
xhorse vvdi key tool remote generator software released to v2.2.2 (2018-02-03) vvdi key tool 2.2.2 update feature:software version: 2.2.2firmware version: 2.2.21.repair and improve 96 bit 48 data acquiation2.repair and improve id48 read and writehow to update vvdi key tool to 2.2.2? xhorse update kituse the usb cable to connect the keytool to computercheck devices cnnection status and check driver version the latest software and data filesstart updating software and dataupdate successhttp://www.vvdishop.com/http://blog.vvdishop.com/xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-update-to-v2-2-2/
here’s the tutorial on programming bmw x3 year 2007 chip 73 transponder key ews4.4 system with vvdi prog and vvdi2 key programmer.step 1: read ews4 dump with vvdi progremove ews4 box from vehicledis emble the ews4 moduleconnect vvdi prog with ews4 adapter, then connect vvdi programmer with computer with usb cablecheck connection diagramread ic 2l86d by vvdi prog and ews4 adapterchoose immobilizer-bmw-ews4 adapterpress read and save filestep 2: make dealer key with vvdi2 bmwnow use vvdi2 for programming chipselect transponder programmercheck adding chip: 7935 blankchoose menu immobilizer data tool->euro->bmw->ews4load eeprom dump just read by vvdi progkey 1, 2,3 used so choose to program key4put chip 7935 into vvdi2 then press make dealer keystart make dealer keyprepare dealer key success
how to get 4-digit pin code for opel/vauxhall astra h from cim eeprom 95160 dump using xhorse vvdi prog programmer.remove and dis emble cim moduledesolder chip 95160 with a gunsolder it into vvdi prog sop16 adapterconnect vvdi-prog with computeropen vvdiprog software, select eeprom->st->m95160read eeprom and save it. same file: original.bin winhex editor and open itupload cim dump read by vvdi-progcopy line 65, row 8 to row f letters : 5f 03 5f 48 5f 39 5f 03right click selected numbers, choose edit->copy block->into new filesave new file, named: “pin”select replace hex values from tabchange these values:search for: 5freplace with: aapress okchanged value display: aa 03 aa 48 aa 39 aa 03so the correct pin for astra h is 1261.read pin code from cim eeprom 95160 success.www.vvdishop.comh
do you know how to generate bmw ews diamond remote key 3 on 315mhz by vvdi key tool? tested it’s quick and easy! check below steps. vvdi key tool generate bmw ews remote key via “wire” mode or “wireless” mode, both ok.first, power on vvdi key tool and go to “remote prepare”.select car brand: “bmw” and remote key type: “ews 315”.now you can see the bmw remote key picture and frequency 315mhz like this:connect the remote pcb board with vvdi key tool via the programming cable.then press “new” and choose “wire” mode to generate key.and wait it complete. vvdi key tool generate bmw ews remote key 315mhz successfully!or you can generate bmw ews remote control by wireless mode!just put the vvdi oem remote key 315mhz into the coil and choose “wireless” mode instead
how to: program mercedes benz w220 (od69j) all keys lost using vvdi mb tool and orange 5 programmer.step 1: read ezs data with orange 5desolder od69j chip from w220 ezs with heat gunsolder od69j chip to orange5’s qfp64 adaptersolder adapter to orange 5read od69j ezs data and save itstep 2: program w220 key with vvdi mbselect eis tool->load eis dataload ezs data read by orange5display key informationselect prepare key fileload eis fileshow key infountick v041 and v011, select prepare key fileserver calculatingcompleted. save key file.insert key into irselect read write key->identification keythen load key filewrite keyvvdi mb bga tool write w220 key successidentify key information again.test the new key.working no issue.done.www.vvdishop.comhttp://www.vvdishop.com/service/program-benz-w22
every xhorse vvdi be key pro mb key has 200 points. points can be before you program key or after.200 points can be exchange to 1 token for online calculation.1) open vvdi mb tool 2) click on points system3) in new window click online verify be key4) you will see message5) insert vvdi be key pcb into vvdi mb and click ok6) if key have points you will see message: “this be key has bonus points.”if points already used you will see message: “this be key doesn’t have bonus points, its points was already used.”7) click upload points to upload it to your vvdi mb bga toolhttp://www.vvdishop.com/service/how-to- -points-from-xhorse-mb-be-keys-8072.html
here’s the xhorse vvdi prog programmer pinout to bsi magnet marelli.i have successfully read bsi magnet marelli whit vvdi prog,mcu is mc68hc912dg128 unsecuredmask:5h55w , using this wiring diagram , hope this will be useful for somebody usedwires are vcc -redgnd black ,reset- yellowand bkgd – purplecredit to iozo from dk forum.http://www.vvdishop.comhttp://blog.vvdishop.com/read-bsi-magnet-marelli-mc68hc912dg128-with-vvdi-prog/
xhorse vvdi key tool remote generator unlock remote key in testfeatures:remote generation: convert universal blank remotes into remotes that you can program into your customer’s vehicles. add the blade and chip to complete, then program into the vehicle the same way you would the oem remote. reduce your inventory!remote testing: confirms your remote is working and identifies type and frequency. supports 27-900 mhz for frequency test, 300-450 mhz for power test.transponder identificationtransponder generation (coming soon!)transponder cloning (coming soon!)remote unlocking (coming soon!–may involve an addition cost)www.vvdishop.com

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